about me



Hi! I'm Xaha, im a 19 year old artist from germany that specializes in dragon/furry/anthro art, my current main projects are my comics Astardom and the center!


I will not allow people on my blacklist to commission me or acquire characters designed by me, if they owned characters designed by me before being put on the blacklist, they may keep them. anyone selling/trading my designs to people on my blacklist will also be put on the grey/blacklist.
I may also refuse to draw characters designed by these people

-xxtrainclawsxx / axlejawanimates
-Reborn + The others


People on my graylist may at some point be taken off of it, however as long as they are on here i would prefer if my designs did not go to people on this list, and i'd prefer not to interact with them!
people with * after their name have not done anything wrong, i simply blocked them because we mutually agreed to block eachother